Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

Abigail’s Dad: “What could be more important than helping your child?”
Daniel G. from Santa Barbara, CA talks about the value of bringing the FHC plan for their daughter Abigail, with all of the comprehensive programs and modalities included in her FHC plan.
And There is Hope
Edmond, diagnosed and on medication for severe ADHD, and his parents discuss their life before coming to The Family Hope Center. "One day he told us, said his father, Edmond, "that he could not go to school because he felt like was dead, and that he lost his soul". Now homeschooling and doing his FHC program, his mother Maria Virginia says he's changed so much, he's more social, happier, and filled with joy. Edmonds' dad added: "And now we have a child with no medication." (09:14)
Odin is Awesome!
Odin's father, Victor, tells the story of Odin's struggle in development from premature birth, their journey finding help in their Norwegian community, and what led them to find The Family Hope Center. Six months after attending FHC's Parent Training Conference, Odin is showing spectacular results!