Developmental Delays

Oliver: “He’s doing absolutely amazing!”
Oliver is now 17 years old, attending college and drives his own car after his 5-year journey through multiple diagnoses including severe learning, social and physical developmental delays. His mother Elaine discuss the tremendous changes he has had through The Family Hope Center program.
Alex says: "I think it's worth it"
14-year old Alex, from Loganville, IN, share his story about his life-long struggle with complications from his diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Now, in just 7 months from the time his parents, Dan and Debbie, attended the Family Hope Center's 3 Day Parent Training Conference, Alex is eating and sleeping better, has more energy, is less irritable, and doing significantly better in his school work.
Following Jude's Journey
Jude's mom and dad, Erin and Troy, discuss the past six months of progress their son Jude has achieved since their first visit to The Family Hope Center.