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We believe that parents should be fully supported in realizing their goals for their children. Our mission is to to serve families of children with neurodevelopmental disorders around the world by educating and guiding parents to take a primary and active role in their children’s development.

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Baby with Delayed Crawling

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A mother came in for her third baby day visit showing us how the left arm dragged to the side when the baby did tummy time. The right arm was fine. When mom put the left arm flexed with the other next to her face for the lifting the head and crawling, the baby immediately put the left arm back down to the side. In CFT we found severe strain in that left shoulder. We could only conclude she had strain/pain in it when she had it in the lifting up and crawling position. It felt better and the pain went away when it was limp to the side.

OK, let’s connect the dots. Pain in her left shoulder inhibited her to lift her head up and crawl. We know from Family Hope Center that for healthy development of the brain, we need to lift our heads up, crawl, creep, sit, stand, walk, and run. It appeared that this baby would have delayed this sequence without CFT. Down the road there may have been neurological delays because of it. Who is going to connect weakness in a shoulder to delayed neurological development? We are because we connect the dots! Did someone say it is all connected?

And how about that child having weakness in that shoulder for a lifetime? Will she be more prone to a chronic problem and surgical replacement later in life? Are hip replacements at 60 years of age strain problems at birth? So many questions…..



Written by Dr. Barry Gillespie © Gillespie Approach

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