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About Our Services

About Our Services

We recognize that deciding on the best course of action for your child can be stressful and overwhelming. There are many options, interventions, and treatments to choose from. From the moment a child is diagnosed with a disability, parents are exposed to a new world of terminology, options, resources, and services. At the Family Hope Center, our goal is to partner with parents in the process of nurturing their child to reach her/his full potential. Our approach is to teach, guide, and support parents in developing effective, customized and integrative plans for both families and children. Each individualized plan is designed to fit your specific needs and to help foster your child’s cognitive, communicative, sensorimotor, emotional, social, and physiological development.

Our therapeutic model focuses on three fundamental goals:

  1. Teach parents about the brain, and how to improve their child’s function in all areas of development
  2. Guide parents in choosing the most appropriate treatment plan for their child’s present ability
  3. Support parents in the implementation of their child’s individualized plan at home

We offer the following options for families:

Parent Training Conference

The online course is the first step for interested parents and professionals. The Parent Training Conference serves as a critical first step towards building an effective partnership in the support of your child’s development while providing an in-depth introduction to the approaches, treatment, philosophies and language used by the Family Hope Center. It is designed to provide parents with the tools, skills, and information to positively influence their child’s development.

i. Conference topics

  • How the brain develops over time, how it grows in response to its environment and the processes by which it heals itself (e.g., brain development, neuroplasticity, and neurogenesis)
  • How the body’s physiological health and wellness contributes to (or impairs) the brain’s ability to function and develop (e.g., nutrition, physiology and the brain, neurobiology)
  • Assessing and evaluating individuals based on neurological function and developmental ability: understanding your child’s unique neurology is central to developing an effective therapeutic approach (e.g., evaluating individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities, introducing the Integrative and Developmental Progression Chart)

ii. Participant Goals

  • Explain the assessment tool used to comprehensively evaluate an individual’s abilities across 6 areas of development: visual, auditory, motor, sensory, cognitive, and social using existing knowledge of their child’s abilities
  • Instruct parents on how to use the assessment tool:
    • as a source for establishing a practical plan to help their child mature developmentally
    • how to use the tool to prioritize treatment areas, and how to maximize the effectiveness of a treatment package
  • Teach participants how to consistently apply the tool to monitor progress and respond to therapy over time
    • Measure how and to what degree the implemented treatments are affecting the individual’s progress

iii. Promoting neurogenesis

  • Parents are taught lifestyle changes, strategies, and practices to implement at home to promote neurogenesis and thereby improve the functional abilities of their children

Click here for a detailed list of conference objectives
Click here to read feedback from parents who attended the conference

Evaluation and Therapeutic Plan, with 6-Month Follow-Up Support

While the Parent Training Conference is intended to be a standalone service, for many families it is only the beginning. Parents interested in learning and receiving more one-on-one guidance can choose to partner with us. Families also receive a more comprehensive and individualized plan for their children, hands-on instruction, and six months of direct support.

  • Comprehensive neurological, developmental, medical, and orthopedic evaluations, including a review of the child’s medical history and any previous neuropsychological and/or developmental assessments
  • An individualized therapeutic and nutritional plan designed specifically for your children by our interdisciplinary team.
  • Hands-on instruction for parents in the techniques, strategies, and practical skills necessary to implement all aspects of your child’s treatment plan at home.
  • Six months of unlimited, direct support from our team for implementing your home treatment plan, including video feedback sessions, ongoing coaching, progress monitoring, and modifications as necessary
  • Support and guidance related to community resources, Individualized Education Plans (IEP), and more.

Partner with the Family Hope Center (6-12 month follow-up: re-evaluation and review of therapeutic plan)

As children age and improve their abilities and overall development, it is important to periodically review, update, and modify the treatments and strategies included in their plan. The Family Hope Center offers periodic reviews for families (typically in 6-12 month intervals).

Costs of Services

A primary concern of many parents is the cost of services. We believe the value of our service model given the diverse range of expertise we provide is far higher than standard therapy models for two important reasons.

1. Our model combines the clinical and medical expertise of an interdisciplinary team, allowing parents to access multiple specialists and an integrated plan at one cost. To compare costs properly, the total amount spent on other individual therapies and medical appointments (including travel time) over a 6-month period would be compared to our up-front fee.

  • Typically, a single treatment (or appointment) constitutes a single cost. However, most children require a several treatments and consultations with multiple specialists to meet the full range of their needs. When those treatments are combined together, the cumulative cost is much higher. Our model integrates these multiple treatment modalities together and includes six months of unlimited support from all of the specialists that your child might need.

2. Teaching parents skills and strategies they can implement directly at home greatly increases the value of what families receive per hour from the Family Hope Center since traditional therapeutic interventions involve only the therapist and the child.

  • Parents can implement these interventions at home more frequently and/or intensively than is possible during a traditional one-hour per week appointment.

More Details on our Services

Online Parent Training Conference


The online Parent Training Course includes 30+ hours of instruction, practical demonstrations, and frequent/structured opportunities for questions and feedback.

Individualized Evaluation, Treatment Plan, and Follow-up Support

$3950 (2nd child 50% off) (U.S. only) – does not apply to expense fees in different countries

An appointment at the Family Hope Center involves an extensive evaluation of your child, consultation with multiple specialists, an individualized treatment program, and 1-1 parent training and support. Parents are encouraged to choose the best option for their family.

  • Evaluation: your child receives a comprehensive evaluation from one of our clinical staff, a review of your child’s medical history, full medical appointment and physical check, nutritional consultation, and an orthopedic consultation
  • Treatment Program: parents receive practical, step-by-step instruction on various components of an individualized home treatment program, tailored to their child based on the previous day’s evaluations by various members of the team. Parents receive individualized instruction in behavioral strategies, social/emotional development, sensory interventions, fine/gross motor interventions, educational programs, and breathing programs.

We offer many different ways for parents to access our services, and families are guided to choose the best option for them.

  • In Person: one full day and one partial day in our office
  • Virtual: one full day and one partial day online, scheduled flexibly at the family’s convenience
  • Combination: any combination of the above in-person or virtual appointments

Additional Financial Resources

Aligned with our core philosophical values, our goal is to provide parents with as much information and resources as possible to help mitigate the financial cost of our services. To that end, we have prepared a list of financial resources for parents including insurance, government programs, and private funding. For parents living in the United States, this list includes information concerning medical assistance and guidelines for reimbursement by the state. For those living outside the United States, we have listed partner organizations that raise money privately to support parents participating in our programs or services. For all our parents (domestic and international), we also participate in using the WeeFIM, a pediatric assessment tool used around the world to measure the functional change in response to medical intervention or treatment. The FIM was originally developed to provide data that would measure rehabilitation program outcomes for third-party payers and accrediting bodies.

See also: Education & Advocacy

Parent Testimonials

“I feel confident and empowered now to help my two daughters. Thank you.”

Nicola S., Prenton, Wirral, UK,

“Thank you for giving my family hope and the practical tools to help my child when the system failed her.”

Allison F., West Essex, UK,

“Really appreciate you. Words are not enough to explain the gratitude for gaining insight into and sharing what you have learned and gathered over so many years.”

Henriette C., Worcester, South Africa,

“Thank you Matt & Carol and the team for taking the time to teach this valuable info to parents. I feel confident to go home and begin implementing the protocols.”

Stephani D., Florida, US,

“Yes, yes, yes! I am very excited to have a plan to really help my child. I love that you practice what you preach with lots of breaks and healthy food options. I love that FHC did all the hard work and shared it with us. My life will be different, my children will be different. This is life changing! Thank you for making it affordable to the masses. I will tell everybody about your seminars and programs.”

Jill E., Pennsylvania, US,

“I truly hope this program grows within the UK as I can see benefits it could bring to many children here.”

Kevin P., Wallasey, Merseyside, UK,

“Thank you! Your center and team are the answer to our prayers. We stopped feeling alone in wanting to heal our 2 children on day 1 of this conference.”

Kari R., Oklahoma, US,

“Just a huge thank you! To all the team! You’ve taught us the basics that are simple to follow and execute at home!”

Deliana T., Johannesburg, South Africa,

“The conference was not as ‘alternative’ or ‘crazy’ (or contrary to what I know to be good) as I expected. A lot of it is stuff I know is good for the body or my therapists already tell me to do, but it is way more organized with more repetition, which I know my son needs from experience. Now I have an organized plan with hope and belief that Ethan can get better.”

Karen P., Pennsylvania, US,

“Thank you for the encouragement and excitement to begin this new journey toward wellness.”

Patricia K., Gross Pointe, Michigan, US,

“Thank you for empowering me to intervene and to heal; and start the process of restoration for my son. The program is amazing!”

Litha A., Johannesburg, South Africa,

“Just ‘Thank You’ for making me believe that I can help my little girl and know where to concentrate my efforts; knowing I can make a difference and that I have support along the way.”

Sarah E., Liverpool, UK,

“I have new hope – not just for my son, but for our whole family.”

Karina J., Denmark,

“We had frustrations with ‘experts’ looking at isolated issues. I would try everything to help my daughter, and the attitude of focusing on abilities is now our family motto! I was highly impressed by the professionalism, the passion, and the humor - thank you! Your personal anecdotes and so much credibility, and your holistic approach convinced me. It exceeded my expectations!”

Sara S., Germany,

“I’m a typical, cynical Brit, so I struggled to get my head around this. I had followed the advice of all the ‘traditional’ medics and accepted Megan’s fate (non-mobile, non-verbal, wheelchair bound, never capable of doing anything independent). I know now that I don’t have to accept this and feel terrible that I almost did that to her. It doesn’t have to be that way. Thank you!”

Helen D., UK,

“Thank you so much for caring for our children, and even for us as parents. Thank you for being friendly, caring, and positive. God Bless You!”

Marinda O., Mpumalanga, South Africa,

“I am so grateful that I could have the opportunity to be here! I’ve learned so much and am going to share the good news/insight that I learned here. You are amazing!”

Phil D., Gauteng, South Africa,