Austism Spectrum Disorder

A Multidisciplinary Approach To Helping Your Child
Answers About Your Child
Your Child and Austism
At The Family Hope Center, we don’t focus on the symptoms alone; we examine the main cause of your child’s developmental difficulty and treat the brain. We carefully measure a baseline of social, motor and sensory function using our proprietary Integrative and Developmental Progression (IDP) chart. This scientific, comprehensive diagnostic tool – which measures brain function across age categories and developmental areas – is the basis for evaluating your child's progress.
It’s Changed Sigrid’s Life.
At about 10 months old, happy, normal Sigrid suddenly became unresponsive to her surroundings, began having seizures and cried constantly. Doctors diagnosed epilepsy and prescribed medications which made Sigrid even worse. Told she would likely never walk or talk again, parents Jacob and Karina found The Family Hope Center and attended their Parent Training Conference in Philadelphia. Now 5-1/2 years old and off all meds, she reads, writes, sings, dances, and is "a very happy girl".
Benjamin Blooms Again!
Benjamin's Mom and Dad, Abe and Molly, follow up on Ben's progress since their last visit to FHC.

Before attending the Parent Training Program, Molly said, "He was never going to be independent" and Abe adds, "After 9 years of getting services and medication, it was going the wrong way. Instead of getting better, he was getting progressively worse. We were settling in to what life was going to be like. This has changed our life forever. "
Caleb's Taking Off!
Parents Renée and George, an internal medicine doctor who works for the U.S. Army’s Surgeon General’s Office, heard about the Family Hope Center from a deputy who had taken the 3 day Parent Training Conference and had impressive success with their child’s improvement. They brought their son to the Family Hope Center.