Cerebral Palsy

A Multidisciplinary Approach To Helping Your Child
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Your Child and Cerebral Palsy
In this installment of The Family Hope Center's Education Series, Director Matthew Newell discusses the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, and how to identify and improve the areas of the brain responsible for the symptoms. You will learn how this multi-disciplinary approach can proactively improve your child's development.
Finley's Journey: "It was almost too simple!"
Sara and Daniel Lamb from Merseyside, UK talk about their journey with their son Finley, aged 5. At the age of two Finley could not walk or talk and had severe auditory, sensory and visual issues; difficulties he was potentially facing for the rest of his life. Following unsuccessful consultations with speech, eye and occupational therapists, a physiotherapist, geneticists, neurologists and a pediatrician Sara next turned to a 3-hour talk being hosted by The Family Hope Center in Dublin, Ireland.
Owen Takes a Walk
Amy Y. from Pennsylvania talks about the journey with now 7-year old Owen that began with a difficult birth, doctors who said "we have a better chance of winning the lottery than ever finding out what was wrong with our son", and having Owen "medically managed". Things changed when Amy received a visit from a stranger who brought information about the Family Hope Center. (15:04)
Sarah Gets Moving
Teachers Markus and Sandra from Eggenfelden, Germany tell the story of their journey with their daughter Sarah who began experiencing epileptic seizures and severe developmental delays following several vaccinations. After searching for answers, two mothers recommended The Family Hope Center, and upon researching FHC, decided to attend the 3-Day Parent Training Conference.