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Traumatic Brain Injury

A Multidisciplinary Approach To Helping Your Child

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Part of the Family Hope Center’s Education Series to help parents of children diagnosed with neurological difficulties understand and identify the root causes of their child’s challenges, and provide information on the particular symptoms presented by children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or other diagnoses on the spectrum.

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“Our Whole Life has Changed.”

Pastor Tim and Jamie’s unborn daughter Ana was diagnosed in utero with a very large cyst in her brain that would lead to 9 brain surgeries in her first year of life. After dealing with “the hamster wheel of doctors and therapists” with little improvement in her development, Tim and jamie found The Family Hope Center.

Rita Gets Back on Track

Victor R. from Copenhagen Denmark discusses the struggles and depression he and his wife Katrine experienced when their 6 month old daughter, Rita, was struck with meningitis. The resulting brain injury led them on a search to find help, and found The Family Hope Center.

“It’s Changed How I Practice”

Physical Therapist Stephanie A., Clinic Director of a Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab practice, and her husband Oak discuss how The Family Hope Center program not only made “phenomenal changes in a very short time” in their 2-year-old son Patrick and 4-year-old Allison, but impacted her practice dramatically as well.