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Your Child and Down Syndrome
Matthew Newell, Director of The Family Hope Center, discusses important factors in assessing your child's development and the factors in helping your child diagnosed with Down syndrome overcome their symptoms.
"Ajax is a Diamond in the rough"
Ajax's dad, Jeremy D. from Denver, Co, talks about how he and his wife, Madhavi, a neurologist, have seen great improvement in their 4-1/2-year-old son since coming to The Family Hope Center. "Knowing and learning from the team at The Family Hope Center has pretty much changed our lives," says Jeremy. Find out more at
Mom: “I shouldn’t have waited so long!”
Meet Katie and her two boys, Noah and Isaac. See how their journey changed as Katie, a mother of 11 children shares how her son's adoption story took a turn for the best. She learned how to help both of her sons in their neurological development.
Jaycen: The sky is the limit.
Meet 6-year old Jaycen who was diagnosed with Down syndrome when his parents brought him to FHC. 3 years later, Jaycen is ready for school with his peers, and excels in sports, though he was unable to run or jump and had poor mobility before beginning his customized FHC program.