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Your Child and Dyslexia
In this installment of the Family Hope Center's Education Series, Carol Newell helps parents to understand the source of dyslexia, and how by identifying the where the symptoms of dyslexia originate through the use of FHC's Integrative and Developmental Progression Chart, a comprehensive plan of treatment can improve a child's development and overcome dyslexic symptoms.
Grace: I don't have to think as much. It's easier."
12-Year old homeschooler Grace H. and her parents from New Braunfels, TX talk about her frustration struggling with auditory processing issues and the learning difficulties she had before her mother, April, attended FHC's 3-Day Parent Training Conference. "Now math is easier because I can do it faster", says Grace. "Creeping and crawling has helped me understand more of what I'm doing, when I'm doing it, and how to do it."
It's Basically a Miracle!

Parents Bruce and Rebecca from Rochester, MN discuss the incredible improvement in their son Aaron since coming to The Family Hope Center's Parent Training Conference Conference 3-1/2 years ago. "The first morning, I was fighting back tears of joy about the information I was getting, says Bruce. Rebecca adds, "We are absolutely excited to see the progress he's made. It's made a huge difference in our family."
“So much more than I thought was ever possible.”
Rikke L. of Odense, Denmark talks about her 11-year old daughter Jasmin, and how she spent the first 10 years of her life in and out of hospitals, trying to find solutions for her poor growth, motor and social delays, poor vision, stomach and attention issues. A year after beginning their Family Hope Center program, 4th Grader Jasmin is in the top 10th percentile in her country academically, reads above grade level, and has improved in every area physically and neurologically. (09:31)