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Neurological Approaches

FHC Clinical Principals/Approaches

At the Family Hope Center, we believe that parents, given the proper knowledge, skills, and tools, have the capacity to implement highly effective interventions for their children. A parent-driven therapeutic model designed to educate caregivers results in parents who feel more proactive, empowered, and better able to address their children’s developmental needs.

Our clinical approach relies on five areas:
1. Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis

    • Learn a variety of common mechanisms that contribute to brain dysfunction
    • Learn the connection between deficits in motor, sensory, visual, auditory, language, cognitive, and emotional/social pathways and treatments that promote neurogenesis in those areas

2. Physiology and Biology

    • Learn how nutritional approaches—including restorative sleep, adequate oxygenation, reduction of toxic exposures, and proper alimentation—lay a foundation for the recovering brain

3. Evaluate a child’s abilities using a comprehensive, developmental assessment tool

    • Use of a novel, comprehensive tool for assessing neurological age as compared to chronological age

4. Neurologically, physiologically, and developmentally based treatment approaches

    • Learn the primary components of an intensive brain rehabilitation program in a way that participants can explain it to those who might benefit from such an approach
    • Demonstrate use of tools, such as carbogen, motor programs, and reflex integration, which have been shown to further develop neurological function
    • Connect the concepts of brain rehabilitation into the management of patients with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and any condition in which the brain is not functioning in every area at its chronological age

5. Family-centered, evidence-informed, and neuroplasticity approaches to treat brain-injured children

We invite professionals to attend our Parent Training Conference

Sample Parent Training Conference Schedule

A summary of the 3 day Conference:

  • First Day – Registration: 8 AM, Instruction 8:30 AM-7:30 PM

    Introduction to our staff
    Conference objectives and goals
    Understanding your child
    The source of your child’s symptoms
    The degrees of neurological disorganization
    Lunch and breakout session. Lunch provided by The Family Hope Center
    The Integrative and Developmental Progression (IDP) chart
    Evaluation and diagnosis of your child
    Questions for the staff

  • Second Day – 8:30 AM-7:30 PM (May extend to 8 PM)

    How the brain functions
    How the brain grows
    The principles for creating an excellent program for your specific child
    The vital importance of oxygen for your child’s success
    Lunch and breakout session. Lunch provided by The Family Hope Center
    The vital importance of excellent nutrition for your child’s success
    How to improve the sensory pathways
    Understanding language
    Developing understanding and language with reading
    Designing your child’s program
    Family Testimonials

  • Third Day – 8:30 AM-7:30 PM (May extend to 8 PM)

    Physical practicum
    Independent reading
    Emotional and social growth
    How to improve your child’s coordination
    Lunch provided by The Family Hope Center
    How to improve your child’s mobility function
    How to improve your child’s overall organization
    Parent’s certification and comments

After each period of instruction, there will be a 15-minute break to ask questions and have coffee and refreshments. There will be a one-hour lunch period dividing the day. Team members who are not lecturing will be available during the breaks to answer your questions.