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Parent Training Conference

Our Parent Training Course is the first step for interested parents and professionals. The course serves as a critical first step towards building an effective partnership in support of your child’s development while providing an in-depth introduction to the approaches, treatment, philosophies and language used by the Family Hope Center. It is designed to provide parents with the tools, skills, and information to positively influence their child’s development. We offer both live and online versions of the course.

i. Conference topics

  • How the brain develops over time, how it grows in response to its environment and the processes by which it heals itself (e.g., brain development, neuroplasticity, and neurogenesis)
  • How the body’s physiological health and wellness contributes to (or impairs) the brain’s ability to function and develop (e.g., nutrition, physiology and the brain, neurobiology)
  • Assessing and evaluating individuals based on neurological function and developmental ability: understanding your child’s unique neurology is central to developing an effective therapeutic approach (e.g., evaluating individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities, introducing the Integrative and Developmental Progression Chart)

ii. Participant goals

  • Explain the assessment tool used to comprehensively evaluate an individual’s abilities across 6 areas of development: visual, auditory, motor, sensory, cognitive, and social using existing knowledge of their child’s abilities
  • Instruct parents on how to use the assessment tool:
  • as a source for establishing a practical plan to help their child mature developmentally
  • how to use the tool to prioritize treatment areas, and how to maximize the effectiveness of a treatment package
  • Teach participants how to consistently apply the tool to monitor progress and respond to therapy over time
  • Measure how and to what degree the implemented treatments are affecting the individual’s progress

iii. Promoting neurogenesis

Parents are taught lifestyle changes, strategies, and practices to
implement at home to promote neurogenesis and thereby improve the
functional abilities of their children

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