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A Multidisciplinary Approach To Helping Your Child

This first segment of this Education Series, “A Multi-Disciplined Approach to Helping Your Child” provides an overview of FHC’s multi-disciplined approach to helping your child with any developmental challenges. We recommend viewing this video prior to accessing the specific topics in this series that include the answers to the questions most parents ask, and specific topics on autism, ADD/ADHD, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, Down syndrome, dyslexia, epilepsy and issues with your adopted child.

Answers About Your Child

Matthew Newell, Director of The Family Hope Center, answers the most commonly asked questions from parents of children struggling with autism, ADD/ADHD, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, developmental delays, dyslexia, issues with adopted children and more in this installment of FHC’s Education Series.

Your Child and Autism

A segment of The Family Hope Center’s Education Series, Director Matthew Newell teaches how your child’s brain is the source of their autism symptoms. At The Family Hope Center, we don’t focus on the symptoms alone; we examine the main cause of your child’s developmental difficulty and treat the brain. We carefully measure a baseline of social, motor and sensory function using our proprietary Integrative and Developmental Progression (IDP) chart. This scientific, comprehensive diagnostic tool – which measures brain function across age categories and developmental areas – is the basis for evaluating your child’s progress.

Your Child and Cerebral Palsy

In this installment of The Family Hope Center’s Education Series, Director Matthew Newell discusses the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, and how to identify and improve the areas of the brain responsible for the symptoms. You will learn how this multi-disciplinary approach can proactively improve your child’s development.

Your Child and ADD/ADHD

Part of the Family Hope Center’s Education Series to help parents of children diagnosed with neurological difficulties understand and identify the root causes of their child’s challenges, and provide information on the particular symptoms presented by children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or other diagnoses on the spectrum.

Your Child and Dyslexia

In this installment of the Family Hope Center’s Education Series, Carol Newell helps parents to understand the source of dyslexia, and how by identifying the where the symptoms of dyslexia originate through the use of FHC’s Integrative and Developmental Progression Chart, a comprehensive plan of treatment can improve a child’s development and overcome dyslexic symptoms.

Your Child and Down Syndrome

Matthew Newell, Director of The Family Hope Center, discusses important factors in assessing your child’s development and the factors in helping your child diagnosed with Down syndrome overcome their symptoms.

Your Child and Development Delays

Part of The Family Hope Center Education Series. Carol Newell, Co-Director of FHC, teaches about the areas of your child’s brain that could be the sources of their developmental struggles, and how to identify and begin treating the symptoms.

Your Special Adopted Child

In this segment of The Family Hope Center’s Education Series, Matthew discusses the special issues faced by parents of adopted children and how to begin to address the neurological, emotional, sensory and physiological development of your child.

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