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Letter from the Directors

Dear Parents,

Perhaps after investigating our website, you are reading this letter to learn more information about the Family Hope Center (FHC), its mission, its philosophy, and its results. You might be trying to determine whether to invest your precious time and hard-earned money into a standalone neuro clinic whose approach is unique and parent-centered. I believe you can learn a great deal about a person by what they profess to believe and what they pronounce as their core values. We believe in empowering parents and we know the brain can continue developing. We have been working shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of parents and their children since 1981. We are honored to have witnessed over 35 years of devotion, love and purpose that parents of the FHC have provided their children.

We started our own family while working with children. Our training and expertise were put to the test, however, when two of our children faced complex developmental difficulties. Our first daughter began life as a healthy baby. She progressed well until the age of three months when she suffered an injury where we witnessed a serious neurological unraveling. She developed strabismus, lost function with her right side and over the years struggled with reading and writing. It took many years of daily, diligent effort to completely develop her neurological function. We applied some of the same approaches to our daughter that we use for the children we treat at the FHC. We are proud to say that our daughter has achieved her doctorate in occupational therapy and is working at a hospital. She knows that her hard work and ours has paid off. As parents, we have the peace of knowing we were able to shepherd her through her injury and give her the best possible future.

We also adopted our youngest daughter when she was five months old. She came to us with significant intellectual and emotional challenges, some of which made her cry for hours. It was heartbreaking and frustrating, but once we identified the root cause of her issues, we took steps to heal her as we did with her older sister. She successfully graduated from college where she was a champion athlete while also volunteering as a Lieutenant in the Fire Department. She later became certified as an EMT.

We applied the knowledge we gained during our clinical work and careers to help our children overcome their respective challenges. The results didn’t happen overnight. It took years of learning, dedication, patience, love, and continued faith in the brain’s ability to heal.

The result of this journey is that we have two perspectives to share with you—one as professionals and the other as parents. We have been in a similar situation and recognize what you have been going through and how resilient you can be. We are committed to you and want to share the knowledge, personal experiences, and neurological strategies we have gained to help you become empowered and productive neuro-parents. We invite you to contact us with your questions and look forward to seeing you at one of our future webinars or parent training conferences.

All the very best,



Matthew and Carol Newell
Directors of The Family Hope Center